Hey Gorgeous, It's Time To Create A Birth You Love! 

Don't you Agree?

We show you the path to a healthy, safe and positive birth 

So you can create the beautiful beginning your family deserves.

Modern Childbirth Education. Now available instantly, online + on demand! 

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This ones for you health conscious moms! 

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Hey Gorgeous! 

It's Time To Create A Birth You Love... Don't You Agree?

We show you the path to a healthy, safe and positive birth.

So you can create the beautiful beginning your family deserves. 

Modern Childbirth Education. Available Instantly, Online + On Demand!
$100 off and a Special Gift this week only! 
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds



What if you could leave your insecurities and self doubt behind and create a birth where you felt confident, safe and present?

Introducing the 

The path to undoing fear, risk and pain to leave you with the beautiful, peaceful birth you are made for. 
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Your Birth Matters 

But if you're like 80 percent of women, you carry fear and anxiety when it comes to your ability to give birth.

When you're quiet and still, your mind anxiously sifts through your upcoming birth plans. 

Instead of feeling a calm excitement, your mind floods with the uncertainty of actually giving birth to the baby you love.

 What will it be like? 
What if something goes wrong? 
Will I be able to do it? 

Here's what you need to know...

If there is one thing your body is meant to do, it is to birth your baby.

How Do Things Change With The Right Support? 

“After my first birth, I said I would never give birth again. It’s not a judgment on myself or anything, but it was too hard. It was challenging. I see that at first, my mindset was on escaping pain and not being present. When I got pregnant again, I had to prepare differently. I know how to work with labor instead of against it now. After my last birth, I would do it  again in a heartbeat.” 

- Elle, previously overwhelmed mom 

"I confided in Suzzie that I struggle with anxiety and a lot of self doubt. To be honest, I just wasn't sure I was cut out to do birth. After a conversation with her, I realized that the process of overcoming these doubts and fears was going to be an amazing gift. She gave me confidence to start working towards the birth I wanted. I went into birth feeling safe and ready. And I had a great experience. I'm glad I had the courage to start. That was the hardest part."  

- Olivia-Grace , a mom who took the first step and kept on going 

Gaining The Skills And Tools To Safely Birth Your Baby Will Transform Your Birth Experience

Forget about not knowing what to do, having unexpected twists along the way and bumps to overcome. 

When you replace fear with knowledge and panic with action,

You can have a calm, peaceful, safe birth where you relish in the moment you meet your sweet new baby
  •  You can feel amazed at the power of your body and your ability to give birth 
  • ​Cherish the moment you hold your warm squishy baby against your chest for the first time 
  • ​Relax into the strong partnership you developed through the process
But first, you need to know how to work with the process of birth and exactly how to prepare your body and mind for this great work. 


Maybe you want to have a natural birth...

The thing is, you are unsure how you will deal with the pain. It seems like a lot to get through. 
You need to understand why birth is more painful for some women than others, and how to hack the system so that your birth is manageable and not something to suffer through. 

 Maybe you want to have an epidural...

The thing is, you are nervous about starting a cascade of interventions and at some level you feel like if you were a 'good' mom, you wouldn't need it. 
You need real data about what the risks of an epidural are AND how to minimize those risks so you can take this route without fear or shame. 

 Maybe you don't know what kind of birth you want...

The thing is, more than anything, you want you yourself and your baby to be healthy and safe through the process.
You need the nutrition and exercises that will reduce your risks and make birth safer for you and your baby whether you have an epidural or not. 

You know in theory - birth should be simple and straightforward 

But when you talk to your friends, it seems complicated and risky.

You'd love some help, but where can you find it?
  • Blog Posts give you some information, but seem to be leading you in circles 
  • Your Friend's stories are helpful, but some are just flat out scary and your want your story to be a bit more predictable
  • Your Mother-In-Law has her traditions, but they don't line up with your values 
Not to mention...

Every story you see in the media is dramatic and stressful. 

So if the idea of calmly, peacefully giving birth with joy seems as likely as willing the lottery...

That is totally normal
and you are NOT alone.

If you can't seem to feel excited about the birth process, and you're starting to feel a bit panicked about it. STOP. RIGHT. THERE...
The Problem is NOT with you; We've been conditioned to believe that birth has to feel overwhelming and out of control. 

And beliefs like that can make you accept false narratives like...
  • All that matters is a healthy baby... it doesn't matter how we get there, and we don't have any power over that process anyways. (You have SO MUCH power and influence over the outcome of your birth. You just need to learn where it is.) 
  • ​My doctor will tell me what to do, my only job is to listen to them. (If you're at the hospital for 18 hours during labor, your doctor might only be with you for 3. You need to know what to do because it's not their job to fill the time.) 
  • ​Only celebrities make big deals about their births, the rest of us have to figure it out on our own. (You are a deserving and worthy mother. You should have the best experience that sets you up for a great start to motherhood.) 
  • ​I'm too busy to prepare for my birth, I'd rather spend my time doomscrolling through Pinterest, picking up tidbits here and there. (Having all the RIGHT information presented in a simple and easy to understand order will only help you get the MOST IMPORTANT and RELEVANT information and save you hours and hours of time - while making sure you don't fall prey to mistaking someone's opinion about birth with the latest evidence and most up to date strategies.) 
  • ​Being able to give birth is genetic, either it will work for me or it won't. I am too old or too young to have a great birth experience. (Nope... just a myth. Even if your mom or your sister had difficult births - you can have a different story. It doesn't matter your age, your size, your health history, there are things you can do to make your birth easier, simpler and ultimately safer for you and baby.) 
If thoughts like these go through your head, it's not your fault. They are reinforced everywhere from TV shows, to blogs, to magazines, even from women who themselves went into birth with blind spots that left them vulnerable and had difficult experiences (not their fault either!). 

Here's the problem.

Thoughts like these will keep you trapped in cycles of fear and pain when it comes to your birth. Anxiety will keep growing and that feeling of being vulnerable, of not knowing what to expect, of dreading actually stepping forward into this great moment, will only grow until you decide to do something different. 

The good news is that more moms than ever are having positive, peaceful and rewarding births. 

And you don't have to figure out how to change things on your own. 
Hi, I'm Suzzie 
I'm the founder and doula behind She Births Bravely where we help moms create beautiful beginnings. In my practice, I have seen hundreds of moms. Moms going through birth the first time, moms who had difficult experiences the last time and are looking for a healing experience this time, parents who have no family around, single moms, and blended families. 

These families have one thing in common: 


And they don't know what to do about it. 



How Do Things Change With The Right Support? 

"I was disappointed when my birth became high risk and my dreams of a natural birth under the care of my midwife went out the window. I knew I needed support to create my dream birth in a completely different environment than I had planned on at first. That's when I met Suzzie. I was so pleased with the help Suzzie gave me. I felt incredibly empowered going into a birth that started differently than I expected." 

- Elisa, a mom whose plans changed

"I always hear moms say that they had a hard time with their first birth, then they prepared differently the second time and had a great experience. I felt like I might be doomed as a first time mom. Nope, I'm living proof you can have an amazing birth, even the first time!"

- Shani, not the only first time mom having a great experience

I Have One Goal: 

to help you create a healthy and safe birth for your child that also leaves you feeling  capable and good afterwards. 

What Can A Positive Birth Do For You?

Why do you want to create a story different from the norm? I know you want a healthy baby, happy mom and a strong partnership to develop in the process. I won't lie to you - I am going to ask you to commit time and energy into creating that. And that is not always easy. But the rewards can be great. Imagine if...
  •  You felt calm and confident when you think about your birth because you know you have done everything in your power to create a healthy and safe experience.
  • Giving birth is a beautiful time you enjoy. You are able to stay calm, present and focused through the entire thing. 
  • ​You and your partner are able to overcome differences, conflict and hurt feelings to become each other's best support system and build deeper friendships with one another as you expand your family. 
  • ​You feel confident in your bith plan and have every reason to expect it will actually work.
  • ​You are able to build a respectful and trusting relationship with your care provider and can communicate with them easily. 
I'm going to help you get there. Imagine what it will do for you to have a strong start and a beautiful birth. What will it mean to your baby? Your partner? And you other children if you have them? 

When you feel too overwhelmed to prepare for birth, remember why and who you are doing it for. 

It will help you succeed. 

Why Me? Why This Course? 

There are lots of birth courses out there. As a parent and doula, I have learned a lot from many of them. Why create another one?

I know what it is like to feel unprepared and lost when it comes to birth. My first birth felt like a whirlwind. After a long labor that ended in a C-section, I was left with physical and emotions scars that ran deeply through many layers of my identity. 

After therapy, birth trauma support groups, and a whole bunch of childbirth education, I was ready to try again. 

I had the most amazing experience with my second birth. 

I know exactly how bad birth feels when it goes wrong. I also know exactly how powerful the same birth experience feels when it unfolds in a positive way. 

When I became a doula...

most of the clients I worked with had already taken high quality childbirth classes. I thought that meant much of my work would be done for me. They would be ready. They had everything set up for a perfect birth. 

That was before I held an unconcious mom's newborn in my arms while her partner held her hand and  begged her to pull through. Together we watched as doctor's expertly rushed around to save her life.

....all because of a problem that is completely preventable with the right nutrition

I wish I could say every birth I attended went well, was drama free and ended with  beaming smiles and happy tears all around.

But they didn't. 

And each difficult journey brought me to my knees, to my books, to my mentors and the medical journals. 

I knew there had to be a better way to prepare moms for birth than the classes that were leaving moms vulnerable to twists and turns in their story because of massive gaps in their education. 

I knew a proper childbirth class had to restore a moms optimal health through nutrition and exercises. It had to reclaim her ability to work with the process of birth and not suffer through the pain by teaching her the right beathing patterns and pain coping skills. A perfect childbirth class would also help moms overcome anxiety and learn how to manage the intensity in a relaxed, focused way with proper mindfulness training. 

I know there are families out there craving the knowledge and practices that will make their birth safer and simpler. Maybe they can't hire a doula, but they still need support. 

I have over 40,000 people on my website every month, people are looking for answers and starving for an easier way to approach birth. 

Parents have less support than ever, at a time when they have more demands on their schedules and responsibilities to keep up with. Social media can also stress us out - as we compare ourselves to people who seemed to have a simple beautiful birth just handed to them. 

C-section rates have risen over 500% since the 1970s and studies show  that birth today is more dangerous for moms now than it was for their own mothers. 

To state the obvious, it matters more than ever that families be provided with quality, practical skills that can actually move them towards the safest most rewarding birth possible. 

My approach is simple, easy to learn, available 24/7, grounded in scientific research, and comes with an amazing community of support and motivating gieveways where you can actually win the best baby gear (hello lillebaby carriers and UPPABaby strollers) just by practicing and sharing what you learn in class. 

The goal of this course is to give you the safest, most rewarding birth possible. Even if you have never given birth or had a difficult experience the first time around. 


Birth is physiologically sound, but to most of us it is unknown. Learn about the process of birth, why you can trust it and how to work with it. 


Most of us modern day women have huge gaps in the way we care for our bodies. We don't know the proper nutrition and exercises to prepare our bodies for birth. If a car slides because it's breaks were never updated, does that mean the car was fundamentally broken? Probably not. A bit of preventative maintance for the pregnant mom will go a LONG way to creating a safer birth. 


We all know that in times of stress and pressure, we rely on muscle memory. That is why this class not only gives you the right tools, but the motivation and community to help you practice it so that it goes from brain knowledge you could fish out if you really focused, to automatic responses that will do the heavy lifting for you. 

What Is The Transformational Journey You Take In This Class?

Are you wondering how this goes? Here is the step by step path you go through to get to your peaceful, calm birth. 

#1: Made To Give Birth 

We'll start our journey by helping you fall in love by the power and beauty of your body that is literally made to give birth. Understand why birth is more painful for some women than others. Understand the deep connection between your thoughts + emotions and the hormonal process of birth. Practice meditation and hypnosis that will wire your mind for a straightforward birth.  

As a result: 

Know which breathing practices will help you stay calm and focused. 

Master relaxation techniques that will not just help you cope with pain, but help you experience less pain.

Feel a sense of confidence and ease because you know exactly why you can trust YOUR body to give birth. 

#2: Nutrition For Birth 

Studies show that nutritional counseling during birth can improve all birth outcomes. It can reduce preterm birth rates from 12% of all births to 2% of all births and provide protection in many forms. This week you will discover the simple way to nourish your way to a safer birth and be armed with tools to make eating well easy as apple pie. 

As a result: 

Feel healthier and have more energy throughout pregnancy. 

Reduce your risks for complications such as high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and peterm birth that can force interventions during your birth.

Recover and heal quicker after birth.
Proper nutrition during pregnancy can positively affect a baby for up to two years after birth. 

#3: Exercises for Birth 

Long labors, stalled labors, labors that seem excessively painful with intense pressure in the back, babies that get stuck... they all have one thing in common. Usually a baby is not in an optimal position for birth and modern day life has led to a tense and imbalanced pelvic area that is difficult for a baby to descend through. Learn the exercises to restore flexibility and balance to the pelvic area and optimally align your baby for birth. 

As a result: 

Shorter labor. 

Less likely to have significant tears.

Less likely to need forceps, episiotomy or c-section to help a stalled or stuck baby. 
Quicker recovery time after birth. 

#4: Early Labor 

If you're like most moms, you wonder how you will recognize when labor starts? when do you go to the hospital? What can you do in the beginning to make the rest of the journey easier. 

This week is a deep dive into preparing for labor, recognizing when it begins, and knowing what to do in the first stages on birth. 

As a result: 

Have a clear picture of what delivery day will look like, what you should pack and what will happen when. 

Know the right steps to take to keep labor manageable and simple from the beginning. 

#5: Active Labor 

Active labor is where the real work begins and moms experience the most intensity. Some moms want an epidural at this point and some moms really don't. Either way, we will prepare you to make educated and personal decisions and teach you the skills and tools to get through contractions. 

You will be able to: 

Make decisions that align with your values. 

Reduce risks of epidurals with plans on what to do to keep labor moving if you get one. 

Expertly manage contractions without anesthesia if that is your goal. 
#6: Transition, Pushing, The Golden Hour, And Your First Weeks Home.

Meeting your baby is what birth is all about! Find out what these last moments of giving birth look like and what you can do to make them easier. From getting through the most intense part of labor, to pushing with or without an epidural and what to expect and ask for once your sweet baby is here on your chest, this lesson teaches you exactly what you need in these last moments. 

You will be able to: 

Ground down and feel safe in the most intense moments of labor. 

Identify and use the correct muscles to push so you don't get stuck pushing for hours. 

Make educated decisions about those first moments after birth. 

Successfully get breastfeeding or bottle feeding established.

Know what to expect the first weeks home with your baby. 
#7: The Partner's Guide To Birth

It is not easy watching the person you love go through labor, especially if you don't have experience and tools to draw on. We often forget the huge journey the birth partner is on as well. 

This class equips the birth partner with what to expect as a support person during birth. How and why they are needed during birth and exactly what they can do to participate in the birth at their own comfort level. 

Your Partner will be able to: 

Manage their own anxiety and fear about birth. 

Encourage and support you the birthing mother. 

Practice the skills and tools they can use to help you through contractions. 

Be preapred with the right phone numbers, when to call who, and when to go where type information they will need to successfully help you through birth. 
#8: Know Your Options  

When you give birth, you get thrown into complicated systems and may find yourself considering options you never explored before or situations you didn't expect. Discover everything you need to know to make informed decisions, have simple and educated discussions with your care provider and make sure your values are honored. 

Your will be able to: 

Create a birth plan that works.

Be able to understand the different approaches to care in pregnancy and how to best advocate for your and your baby's needs. 

Understand benefits and risks to epidurals so that you can make an informed, educated and judgement free decision about your pain management strategies. 

Be comfortable with the options that will be offered to you and make choices that are best for you and your little one. 

Descipher evidence based practice from what is done because "that's the way we do it here."

Bonus #1

10 mediation, hypnosis and affirmation tracks that will help you master your mind and anxiety. 

This Bonus Released July 1, 2022

Bonus #2

Motivation: Join weekly giveaways with 1 year access to our private facebook group where you can share stories, ask questions, and stay motivated with other moms also preparing  for birth right now. 

Bonus #3

Everything you need to plan for your birth: customizable birth plans, food lists, partner activities, are all already a part of the course

 - but now it also includes the Ultimate Breastfeeding Class from Milkology!

When you complete each module, you get access to the one class that will get your breastfeeding journey off on the right start. 
I know birth. I know the best of it, and I know the worst of it. 

I also know that birth still works and that birth does matter. 

More importantly, I know that you work and you matter. 

There are things that you deserve to know about create a happy, healthy, peaceful birth. 

Let's undo the anxiety, pain, fear and all the little ways you are at risk 

So that you can have the beautiful, safe, peaceful birth you are meant to have. 

Welcome to Birth Undone. 

Let's write history and restore the beauty, calm, bliss, connection and safety that is instrinsically part of birth. 

It's time for you to have your beautiful beginning. 
Disclaimer: This course is for informational use only. We cannot gaurantee any specific birth outcomes. Nor does this course replace qualified care during your birth by an appropriate midwife or OB.